When I am chatting with vietnamese students on HelloTalk, a language exchange. I noticed how often they talk about being homesick. That is so different to german students. 50% of all graduates of my school, left the city for a different town. We all were so happy to move out, so our parents can’t tell […]


About Freebooting

I just wanted to share a video you. It’s about “freebooting” done on Facebook even by DMCA lawsuit raging stars. If you can’t see the video just click on the link below. –Freebooting by kurzgesagt. Youtube-Link for mobile Users

General, Salsa Fuego, The message is Feierei

Salsa en Hanoi

Salsa party in Hà Nội are different than in Berlin. I’ve visited a few, here is my report: The parties start early and finish early. Hà Nội is the capital and is therefore strictly governed, here close all bars and so on around 12 clock. The first party that I’ve visited, the S-Fire starts at […]