Salsa party in Hà Nội are different than in Berlin. I’ve visited a few, here is my report:

The parties start early and finish early. Hà Nội is the capital and is therefore strictly governed, here close all bars and so on around 12 clock. The first party that I’ve visited, the S-Fire starts at 20:30 and ends at 22:30. There are two places where the S-Fire is three times a week. Tuesdays and Saturdays in 146 Giang Vo, Fridays at 5 Ngo Gach. Spring Salsa is on Thursday in 22 Ho Giam. On YouTube I saw that there are salsa openairs in Ly Thai To Park. In general, there are many dancing groups in hanoian parks, but these are more old people dancing some kind of different thing they might think is salsa.
In Ha Noi they dance Salsa en línea – LA or NY style, there are also some who try occasional cuban, but it looks a lot like LA from, preps, forward steps and open dance poses. The vietnamese love bachata, you can expect a 50/50 mixture. Every now and then Zouk is played and all dance Zouk and not Kizomba. Often the DJs also dance himself. Songs can be played without Mixprogram therefore songs are played in full length with a possible pause in between. Between two songs the dance floor is completely empty. Everything separates and everyone re-invites for to the next song. So far, I didnt recieve any rejection, this is maybe a cultural thing, but it could also be that is the available time just so short that it needs to be used. In the S-Fire you buy admission and drink together at the entrance, depending on what you drink twenty, thirty or fifty thousand Dong. If you want to have another drink you go to the entrance to buy new a admission coupon. In Spring Salsa entry cost 30k. And a coke 15k. Both have been fun, Spring Salsa has the smaller dance floor so it looks full. In Spring Salsa I was not the only foreigner, an american girl was there too, but maybe this also applies to S-Fire in Hoan Kiem. Because the old quarter is more popular to foreigners / tourists. So in Hà Nội as a salsa dancer you can have a lot of fun, even with the cuban style.

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