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Since last year some things changed in Hanoi. This is my new guide to latin social dancing in Hanoi:

In general it is possible to dance salsa everyday in Hanoi. There is a vibrant scene, dancing cross body style salsa either On1 or On2. Expect too hear bachata 45% of your time. The Kizomba wave arrived Vietnam, but the workshops ain’t that good, or have to start from the bottom everytime. The majority can only lead basic steps and basic saida. Educated young (under 30) vietnamese can speak english. There is a curfew for dance clubs, I suggest to go early. Salsa socials might be short (3 hours) but intense, places fill fast.

I experienced that every taxi company is reliable even if you don’t speak vietnamese. Take a cab to go to the places. You’ll pay more in bigger taxis, but I think 20¢ more won’t kill you. Make sure to pay with small cash, some drivers (even in Mai Linh) pretend to have not enough change (which should’t be a problem when there is a shop around). Write the adress on a sheet of paper and you should be fine. Occasionally check on google maps where you are 🙂


  • Where: 5 Ngõ Gạch, Old Quarter (Hoan Kiem)
  • Where: 19 Nguyễn Trãi (UPDATE 10.8.2016)
  • When: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday – 20:30-22:30
  • Entry: Your entry-fee is a coupon to get a drink. Starts at 20k VND.
  • A lot of space. Central.
  • http://www.sfire.vn/ (not up to date) or https://www.facebook.com/Sfire.Salsa.Studio

lAcA Café

  • Where: 2 Ngõ Huyện (aka Backpacker Street), Old Quarter (Hoan Kiem)
  • When: Wednesday 20:30-23:00
  • Entry: 30k VND
  • High fidelity music. Usually a concert location.
  • (UPDATE 10.8.2016) Maybe no longer active

Spring Salsa

La Bomba Latina

  • Where: 46 Ngõ Huyện
  • When: everyday? from unknown until late.
  • Entry: free
  • https://www.facebook.com/labombalatinahanoi
  • Is more like a normal bar which also has a tiny dance floor. International guests. Has the longest open hours (’till late), although when important events are up, it also closes earlier. Versatile music, Salsa (cuban, colombian), Bachata, Merengue, Zouk, Kizomba.
  • (When I was there the last three weeks) on Wednesday was always a zouk party until 22:40 or 23h.


    1. Almost nobody dances cuban in Hanoi. Most people dance LA-Style on1, with all the international festivals the NY/Mambo-Style on2 is becoming a trend nowadays. Although S-Fire has some cuban following, ask there for Tuan.

  1. Is this information still accurate because I arrive this Friday and want to start dancing Saturday? Thank you

    1. Sorry for the late reply. The locations and websites still are. I’m not sure about the times and dates. But the linked pages should give you a head start where to find something. Have fun!

  2. Hey this is super useful since I’m a returning Hanoian looking for a good salsa/bachata social spot. Do you happen to know where I can go for socials on weekends (my level is pretty low but I love dancing nevertheless)?

    I visited La Bomba Latina once and it was a disappointment looking at the tiny floor and nonexistent dancers, so I guess somewhere crowded and fun would be nice 🙂 Looking forward to your suggestions!

    1. When I was in Vietnam in last summer I always left the city on weekends for Cát Bà, Đá Nẵng, Ninh Bình. But I guess all clubs are okay for beginners (two years ago I went there and I only could lead very basic cuban style). Practice is the key to mastery.

      I only know La Bomba on wednesday. I went there after the party at lAcA ended. La Bomba is more a late night thing. Very practical that it is both in ngõ Huyện.

    2. Hey, let’s come to Beso, 5th fl, 20 Hang Tre on Friday nights and Saturday afternoons. All are welcome. (I’m a beginner too)

    3. I’ve been to Beso Latino four weeks ago on a friday. It was awesome. There is also a Party in the basement of 20 Hang Tre on saturdays

      1. Are there any events between Saturday and Monday night? Just visiting salsero in town. Or should I call a local studio to ask. Missed the beso Friday night.. the artist jazz club maybe

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