When I am chatting with vietnamese students on HelloTalk, a language exchange. I noticed how often they talk about being homesick.

That is so different to german students. 50% of all graduates of my school, left the city for a different town. We all were so happy to move out, so our parents can’t tell us what to do.  A brand new city where nobody knew you, nobody knew the old stories.

I realized that it’s often their first time to be away from their families. Since they didn’t move out as an adult. Students who came from the country side are more likely to cope the their situation already needed to move to a different city for studying. I think it something you need get used to.

Also I think that they thought that life in Germany is different, and came with false hopes. But life in Germany can be hart and depressing, almost nobody is here to help you. I mean it is even complicated for germans to get around that bureaucracy.

Sometimes I think that the vietnamese old community hold better together. I see how they organized themself, how they formed dance communities, markets, singing, build temples. We the second/third generation are not really organized. We have Facebook and so on now, but I believe it’s harder to connect.

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